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Cherokee Artist Donald Vann

Many humane, heroic stories
Were written, 'long the way-
A monument, for one of them-
Still stands until this day-
It seems one noble woman
It was Chief Ross' wife-
Gave her blanket to a sick child
And in so doing, gave her life-
She is buried in an unmarked grave-
Dug shallow near the "Trail"-
Just one more tragic ending
In this tragic, shameful tale-

The Never-ending Trail
Abe “Del” Jones

Grade Level 4-7
Art • Geography • History • Language Arts • Math

The Trail of Tears is a historical event in American history that forcibly removed 16,000 Cherokee people from their original homes and forced them to settle in parts of Oklahoma. This unit will specifically trace the removal of Cherokee Indians from their homes in Georgia. Students need to be made aware of this part of American history so that they develop a better understanding of some of the historical events that shaped this country. Many Indian people have been depicted as untamed savages. Students will discover that Indians were, and are, in fact, very civilized people that have their own schools, religions and systems of government. The removal of the Cherokee was just one of the many trails of tears for the people of Indian Nations.

The Trail of Tears

Official Site of the Cherokee Nation

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